Healing of Memories Course

This course is to train people in praying for the healing of memories for others. It is intended only for those who either already pray with others or are prepared to learn how to do so.

Those who are only seeking healing of memories prayer for themselves are encouraged to Contact Us to be put in touch with the trained Team who can pray with them in their own region or attend a Healing Event.

Giving an outline of what happens on the course is not particularly helpful as it cannot give a real taste of the experience, and indeed could even give a distorted view. A written account cannot adequately communicate the good and very worthwhile experience.

Those of us who are leading the course share our personal testimonies. Each one is quite distinctive. We share what the Lord has done for us and what we have received from Him. Telling these stories deepens the expectation in the participants that whatever their personal condition or wounds, the Lord wants everyone to receive all that he has revealed in his Word of the "plans for peace and not disaster" (Jer 30). One of the encouraging texts from the Scriptures that call for our belief and trust is Romans 8:28 "God causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him.

There are times of praise, of teaching, reading from the scriptures, of testimonies, of receiving healing through Words of Knowledge and of course, healing of painful memories. Each person has in depth personal ministry with either Fr. Laurence or with Pauline or with the experienced Team.

There is a half day off in the middle of the course to refresh all involved; there is a social evening where people entertain each other in a party setting; there is a daily time of silent adoration and the daily Mass which is always the main event taking place. The course is neither counselling nor analysis, but prayer in the Name of Jesus. While learning how to pray for others, participants have their own memories healed.

We encourage people to come in twos and threes from the same area. In that way they can support each other. After the course participants may join a local Cell Group where their ministry is developed.

Dates and Details