Outreach days/evenings were started in Edinburgh by Fr.Laurence and Pauline some years ago. Supported by the local prayer group and by dedicated musicians, the numbers grew. The main advertising was by word of mouth, but also cards were given out to unchurched people giving the relevant information for the evening meetings where many healings took place which therefore brought more people when they heard the stories.The attendees were all ages and from all walks of life. Priests from the Augustinian community were involved with praying for people.

Outreach days now take place regularly in Southampton at the Highfield House Hotel, a large banner with the Little Way of Healing Ministries logo is placed outside the Hotel, facing the road.People have dropped into the meeting to see what it was about just by seeing the banner. The event is also advertised in the local paper and on the local radio station.

This outreach is supported by the local prayer groups and by those who have been trained to pray for healing of the memories along with a dedicated group of musicians. Some of the priests of the diocese have also lent their support.

This can be the first time that someone has attended a Christian meeting. People have said that they like the relaxed atmosphere and are amazed at the healing power of Jesus.

More than one person has been brought from the brink of despair and many find their faith rekindled. It is an opportunity for Catholic Christians to invite people of any belief and none, so that they can come to know Jesus and experience his love through them, and others at the event. This venue is used so that it is non-threatening.

An Open Day of Healing also takes place annually at Clare Priory, Suffolk.

Those who are only seeking healing of memories prayer for themselves are encouraged to Contact Us to be put in touch with the trainied Team who can pray with them in their own region or attend a Healing Event.

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