Parish Healing Mission 31st Mar – 3rd Apr 2022

Event details

  • Thursday | 31/03/2022 to Sunday | 03/04/2022
  • 7:30 pm
  • St Swithun’s, 105 Waverley Road, Southsea, Portsmouth PO5 2PL

Parish Mission
A Parish Mission takes place When Fr. Laurence and Pauline are invited to a parish, often by people who have seen their relaxed and friendly style and have also noted how the Lord blesses people when they pray with them for healing.

They go to a parish (along with their team) after being given an invitation by the parish priest, and their hope is to leave a legacy by which parishioners will have the confidence to offer prayer for healing on a regular basis after Sunday Masses. The healing being referred to here is general prayer for healing and not the Healing of Memories Prayer, to offer the Healing of Memories prayer parishioners are encouraged to attend the Healing of Memories course before offering this type of prayer.

They have realised over the years that not very many people in the parishes have witnessed the healing power of Jesus and so they want them to see that Jesus is alive and is healing today using very ordinary people.

On the Friday parishioners have the opportunity to receive personal Healing of Memories Prayer with Fr Laurence, Pauline and the team.

Typical Schedule
Fr. Laurence and Pauline arrive on the Thursday afternoon and at approximately 5.30pm they spend time with the Parish Priest, and Parishioners who are willing to be helpers during the mission. This meeting takes place over a light supper before the start of the healing evening which is usually at around 7.30pm.

The Thursday healing evening is open to everyone. If one names something in the church as being a “service” then a certain expectation is created, hence the reason why it is called quite simply a healing evening. What takes place is very informal and relaxed, so that everyone, lapsed or of no particular religious persuasion can feel “at home”.

The parish music ministry is invited to be involved and sing songs of praise familiar to the congregation. These are interspersed with real life stories of healings. Just by hearing these accounts people are often healed. When a word of knowledge is given , this too often has the effect of producing immediate healing in that area of someone’s body. The Helpers have their part to play as they can lay their hands on the sick and see them recover, relevant scripture texts are quoted and explained. At 9pm the congregation is free to leave, however people often want to stay on and eventually have to be encouraged to go home.

On the Friday, after the regular Mass in the church, Fr. Laurence and Pauline along with the Team, see people for individual prayer ministry. This happens throughout the day.

Saturday is a full day of healing and people are asked to bring a friend or someone who has never experienced church. They are invited to stay for the day and bring a packed lunch. Mass comes first, followed by coffee and then a day of praise & worship, witnessing from parishioners or others who have already felt the Lord’s touch, teaching and the laying on of hands prayer. It is another very relaxed day and more healing takes place.

Sunday finds Fr. Laurence concelebrating at one of the Masses and he and Pauline encourage those who have received healing to come before the congregation to give their witness of what the Lord has done for them. They invite the congregation to stay behind after Mass so that they can receive a brief prayer from them followed by a further prayer from the parish helpers and the Team.

At lunch time, the Helpers and their families plus the priest(s) are invited to join Fr. Laurence, Pauline and their Team, for a celebratory lunch either at a local pub/restaurant or in someone’s garden for a BBQ in the summertime. This is to be able to chat, and for everyone to share their experiences of the weekend and continue to get to know one another. Everyone pays for themselves unless there is an overflow of funds from the Parish.

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