Can anyone come on a Foundation Healing of Memories Course, or do they have to be Catholic?

Although this is a Catholic course, we welcome all Christian denominations.

Do I come on a course to receive healing for myself?

We encourage people who are already in ministry praying with others for healing, or intending to learn how to pray with others to come on the course, so it is not primarily for one’s own healing.

Having said that, in receiving and practicing the prayer everyone has the opportunity to have prayer for healing during the course.

What do I do if I want to receive healing for myself without coming on a Course?

Please call our Information Line on +44 (0) 7936 269 143 for details of people who have been trained in Healing of Memories Prayer and who can pray for you.

Do people really get healed?

We have seen many people healed! This may be in various ways: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. We recommend that you read the testimonies on the website and hopefully they will help to answer your question.

Supposing I can’t afford the full cost of the course because of my circumstances?

We recommend that you try to find a sponsor in your local church or prayer group. The Parish has been known to pay the fee as it enhances the healing ministry in that parish. For more information please call our Information Line on +44 (0) 7936 269 143.

Why would one need to pay the full amount in advance?

We are asked by those running the Retreat Centres where we stay, for a considerable deposit. As we don’t take more than fifteen on a course, if one person drops out it makes a difference to the finances.

Is the course very intense?

Yes, it is, but it is so rewarding. We try our best to ensure people do not get too tired during the course and all have a half-day off during the week to spend as we please!

I’ve heard people say that this course is life-changing, would you agree?

We hear this being said very regularly and agree wholeheartedly that for many people this is a life-changing experience. Come and see.

Do I need to stay for the whole of the Course?

Yes, it is very important to stay for the whole of the Course, we often see people healed right at the end.