We are a non residential community, living our lives in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church. Our members are both in the UK, and now in several European countries.

Our core Charism is the Healing of Memories prayer, which is open to all, both Christian and non-Christian, and people of other religions, who are open to receiving the prayer in the name of Jesus.

The Littleway Healing of Memories Prayer is a Holy Spirit-led approach to the healing of memories. It is a charism gifted by the Holy Spirit to the Church of our time. This gift of the healing of memories contributes to the healing of the whole person. Through this particular way of praying , Jesus shows himself continuing his work amongst us today in the midst of his Church. People are healed so they can testify to the Lord’s working in them and thereby draw others to their Lord and Saviour, the Divine Physician.

In this way it is an instrument in the New Evangelisation for today’s world.

After doing an initial Healing of Memories Foundation course people can ask to become further involved with our Ministry and many, with further training, can become part of the Team.

As well as the Healing of Memories prayer, we offer short prayer and have an intercessors helpline with over 100 intercessors praying for people’s intentions. So much of what we do is about evangelisation and giving testimony to what the Lord is doing in our lives. When people hear the stories often they receive healing themselves.

We also run Public events, Parish Healing Missions, week-end Healing Events and now since Covid a Public Prayer and Praise session, once a month , which will continue, post Covid, as having zoom enables people to come together from all parts of the world.

We also provide training that is constantly being refined and developed.