Mrs Myriam Rincon

I am from Colombia and was born into a catholic family. Though I have always been a practicing catholic, I was not a good one. Things like family life, career studies, and work occupied my mind and consumed my time. I was so busy that I did not find time to deepen my knowledge nor my faith.

We, as a family, came to England for study purposes. However, I now truly believe that the Lord brought us here in order for me to get to know Him.

It has been a wonderful, grace filled and rewarding journey.

Being away from my extended family, friends and colleagues in my country, and not knowing many people here, I found in the church’s family all I was missing. We were very welcomed as part of their community and were nourished in our faith. As a result, my faith and knowledge of Jesus started to grow and it has kept growing ever since, especially after being baptised in The Spirit.

I met Fr Laurence and Pauline when they came on a Parish Mission to our Church in Flitwick. One night. after supper, over a conversation they invited my husband and I to attend a course in their Healing of Memories Ministry. We immediately accepted and went to the next available teaching course in Iver Heath’s Bridgettine Convent. For me this was a life changing experience and no doubt a God’s blessing to our marriage. And my journey continues.