Mrs Pauline Edwards

To all who read this I’d like to say a warm ‘hello’ I am a Catholic Christian, a mother and a grandmother.

Although I was born into a Catholic family and attended a convent boarding school, I eventually turned my back on the church, thinking that it was irrelevant. Nine years after the death of our middle son, I had a conversion experience whereby I can now say that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and I want to bring others to have a similar experience and receive salvation.

In the Catholic church, we say that grace builds on nature, and the Lord has entrusted me, along with many others, with bringing the gift of healing to people. I was already able to bring practical comfort and healing through my career in nursing but when people are healed, often spontaneously, by the power of the Holy Spirit, they then begin to realise and acknowledge that Jesus is alive and walking among us as He did 2,000 years ago.

It has been twenty five years since, at the instigation of Fr. Malachy Loughran, an Augustinian Friar, that Fr. Laurence Brassill and I began to minister together. We ‘pooled our resources’ and the Lord has gifted us both in a special way to pray with people for the healing of memories.

Because of my association with St. Therese of Lisieux, my first name is Theresa, and recognising the simplicity of her spirituality, her Little Way, it seemed appropriate for us to wish to be known as Little Way Healing Ministries (Littleway).

Our way of praying is very little; very simple. I have called my book: ‘A Little Way of Healing’, hoping that in its simplicity it will encourage others to want to pray for healing, and so bring new life and new hope to those who are suffering.