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God’s healing changed a feeling of failure into one of being loved and valued

Sarah writes in her testimony:

“Before coming to the Healing of Memories course I was fed up and blamed myself for my unhappiness. I felt angry with God and with Our Lady. After years of praying for God’s will to be done, I felt none the wiser and struggled not to feel like a failure. I was afraid of upsetting people and aware that I was always trying to please.”

“During the prayer a memory came to me when as a child I had felt very misunderstood and victimized. I was asked to picture myself as that little girl and to bring Jesus into the picture. I was able to tell Jesus how I really felt and realised he was sorry and also suffered my pain.”

“Then I was able to bring the person who had hurt me into the picture, and tell them everything I had been afraid to say. The little girl in me was claiming her voice, a voice that had been silenced over the years. It was so healing to know that I was still loved and accepted by Jesus and others after my outburst.”

“Now I feel happy for the first time in ages, loved, valued and hopeful about the future. I feel I can stop trying to earn God’s favour and just rest with him. I am so thankful to God for this ministry.”

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