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Emotional and physical healing

After attending a LWHM course Gill writes:

“I arrived on the course feeling stressed, over-tired and anxious, feeling that I was battling alone against bullets from all sides. Being with the group was so very healing. I was challenged to trust people once more and to drop my guard. During the prayer I experienced the care and compassion of the prayer team and God’s tenderness. Due to this I was able to bring up a secret, hidden memory. “

“The prayer session was gentle, but at the same time, there was a frank and open honesty in naming the incidents I had experienced, and bringing them for healing. When I arrived at the course, I had an extremely painful back and arms with a continual headache.”

” I had been suffering from insomnia, sometimes unable to sleep for forty eight hours. During the week, I began to experience a wonderful change in my body. On Saturday I overslept! My back, arm and head pain had melted away.”

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