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God heals when the right time…

Fr. Radek writes after attending a Healing of Memories Teaching Course:

‘I am a Catholic priest. I had received ‘Healing of Memories’ prayer at least six times before 2013 but did not feel the need for any inner healing because God’s healing grace had touched me twice in the past.

Later, when I was forty years old, God surprised me again. It happened when two entirely new beginners in this type of prayer were praying for me. Healing does not depend on human intercessors; it is God who heals when the right time comes.

During the prayer, a primary school event emerged in my mind. A classmate of mine copied a report I had written word for word, and our teacher knew that one of us had cheated.

I got a fail and my classmate got the best mark. I felt cheated and felt so angry that I burst into tears. It was so humiliating. We prayed for healing of this event and I was able to release all the anger that was hidden in my heart. I had been bullied and humiliated by this classmate for several years. It was so bad I was afraid to go to school.’

After the prayer Fr. Radek explains that he no longer feels grief and anxiety if somebody does not accept him. He used to get nervous before Christmas and Easter services, but now he is much calmer.

He says, ‘I had no idea about the deep scars that I had been carrying in my heart all my life because of bullies in my childhood. A lot of things have changed in my life. Thanks be to God!! He is amazing!’

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