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I can now accept myself as I truly am

Before David received prayer for healing of memories he explained that, as a result of trauma at home, he had been sent to live with his grandparents for a while, at the age of two and a half. He had not felt safe in his grandparents’ house, feeling rejected and alone. When he returned home, after initial rejection of his mother, he then clung to her for years. During the prayer, he was able to visualise himself at his grandparents’ house with Mother Mary holding him and eventually Jesus being present in the room. He writes:

“ After expressing a lot of anger and knowing that I was in the presence of Jesus, I was able to forgive my mother. I felt loved and whole as Jesus was holding me.”

He writes how he feels now: “I feel free in myself and for the first time in years have been able to be David. I am able to open up and share my feelings with others and am not afraid to speak. I feel more hopeful and, for the first time, truly believe God has a plan for my life. I am now able to accept myself as I truly am.”

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