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Alleluia! Relief from shoulder pain after healing of memory.

After attending a LWHM course Margaret writes:

“My shoulders have physically hurt for a long time. I had received prophetic words from different people at different times, both telling me that the physical pain was connected to an emotional burden that I was carrying.”

“During the course, I asked the Lord to reveal the source of the burden and a memory surfaced very powerfully. It was twelve years ago and concerned one of my adult children.”

“During the prayer, the picture of the memory was very clear. In my imagination, I was able to express to Jesus, very forcefully, my anger, grief, and hurt. The wounded emotions were very raw. When my adult child was brought into the picture, I could imagine Jesus sitting beside me with His arm around me.”

“He enabled me to express to my child my anger and grief and how I had been deeply wounded by his selfishness. Now the burden has been completely lifted. I feel emotionally free from it. Alleluia! The pain in my shoulders is less and I believe it will go.”

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