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An intense feeling of the presence of the Holy Spirit

After receiving Healing of Memories prayer Michaela writes:

‘I had suffered from fears and anxieties all my life and had never felt at peace or experienced true joy. Communication with strangers was very difficult and I avoided meeting people. My psychological problems became so overwhelming that I received medication and psychotherapy but they were not helpful.”

“One morning on the healing course I woke with the thought; “God listens to the prayers of His little children and gives them what they ask for.” I knew immediately that He was going to grant me healing. During the prayer, the Holy Spirit showed me very clearly the sources of my psychological issues. Everything that He raised in my mind He healed. It was so WONDERFUL! Now I feel light from the waist upwards as if heavy, tight armour had been removed.”

“Freedom and peace are firm and stable inside me. I feel completely restored. Now I am open and eager for contact with others, especially new people.”

“During the week’s course, I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit everywhere, and in everybody, the feeling was so intense. God put the knowledge of His love into my heart. I didn’t feel His love before, but now I do.”

“After thirty years I feel like a bird, full of joy, free to fly under God’s protective wings. Now, a few weeks after the course, I am still receiving graces of healing. He wants to give me MORE!”

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