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Healed of memory of public humiliation

Margaret attended a Little Way Healing of Memories course and writes:

“I felt afraid of public humiliation and always needed others’ approval. On the course, I discovered the memory that had caused the fear. My ballet class was a great joy to me and I always imagined that one day I would be a real ballerina.”

“My room was full of pictures of dancers and I was taken to see ballet productions. I was about 7 years old when my teacher announced that she thought I would not pass my exam as I had so much trouble with my turnout and she later cast me as the dormouse in a ballet ‘Alice in Wonderland’. How humiliated I felt to be dressed in a prickly brown costume and turn in a circle and yawn and in a Town Hall full of family and friends.”

“I was prayed with and Jesus was with me. I felt so comforted and I imagined I was wearing a beautiful dress of blue tulle and pink flowers and a crown/tiara on my head. The humiliation disappeared and I danced with Jesus in my new ballet costume. I do feel healed from this memory in my childhood as I became a real ballerina.”