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Healing has enabled me to talk about memory without overreacting

Mari attended a Little Way Healing of Memories course and writes:

“In my life, I have had problems with my self-esteem, and I reacted really strongly if I felt I was left out. My self-image wasn’t very good and though I had made some progress with accepting myself, I still didn’t really believe people when they would give positive feedback about what I’d done or how I looked.”

“On the course, I was led through painful childhood memories which were the root of my adult life problems. An incident which I thought was insignificant was the first memory to be healed. I had been left out, ignored and neglected several times at the age of four at day-care in a parish.”

“During the prayer for the healing of this memory Jesus was brought in and I was able to forgive. I was also able to understand that He had loved me all the time and that He thinks I’m beautiful and precious.”

“I’m now able to talk about the memory without overreacting or bursting to tears. I thank God for this and other healings that happened and for the healings that will still come. And I thank the helpers on the course for their time and dedication to this ministry. Praise to Jesus!”