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Healing of a dislike of wide-open spaces

Monica S writes:

For many years I had a dislike for wide-open spaces. It made me feel alone and I always wanted to scream inside. During the healing of memories prayer this memory was explored and it was pinpointed to a place where I first got pregnant.

At that time I was single, I had just started a new job and I had only been in a relationship for 3 months. I made a decision very early on to abort the baby and would not be dissuaded from the decision.

The grief for the aborted baby had already been healed in earlier healing of memories prayer but the reason this place represented so much pain was because the conception took place here. During the healing, I was able to bring Jesus into the event before it happened. It surprised me that I got angry at Jesus for letting this happen. I also got angry at the man who got me pregnant.

This was a feeling I had never expressed. It had been suppressed for many years but being able to let it out was part of the healing. Then I was guided to understand that my suffering for all these years was not in vain.

Jesus had suffered with me and I was finally able to offer up this suffering for the salvation of souls and cut the negative ties with the man who had got me pregnant. This healing has brought me to a point where I can think of this place without pain and without wanting to scream.