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I am no longer the needy child that I once was, thank God

Ann attended a Little Way Healing of Memories course and writes:

“At the beginning of the week, I would be in floods of tears listening to people’s testimonies or bits of Scripture. But the healing I received today has freed me from the inability to listen to Scripture without tears. Thank God.”

“The healing for me was through being taken back to the womb. Jesus was there in the womb with me as a baby. He was comforting me and playing with me, jumping about as if we were on white fluffy clouds. I was very secure and happy to be there.”

“I just wanted to stay there with Jesus. It was just a lovely, secure, happy place to be and I did not want to leave, but I had to leave in a hurry, by Caesarian. Our Lady was there to deliver me and Jesus.”

” She took us both in her arms and rocked us both and took her veil and put it round us. I could feel the beat of her heart. I felt very secure and happy. Then Jesus was once again adult and Our Lady gave me back to be safe in Jesus’ arms. Then my mother was brought before me and she asked me to forgive her for the loneliness and abandonment and I forgave her and that gave me freedom and strength.”

“I then kissed my mother goodbye as she was lying on the bed. (She had gone into a coma after childbirth and died shortly afterwards.) I felt the tears dry up and I now feel that I can say goodbye to people without floods of tears and being clingy.”

“I am now stronger and able to stand on my own two feet which is great for me and all those to whom I had been clinging in the past. I am no longer the needy child that I once was. Thank God. Thank God.”