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I believe my healing will make me happier for the rest of my life

“I was told that when I was a year old, my parents went away for a week and left me in the care of my grandmother. When they came back, I hadn’t eaten for a whole week and I wouldn’t even look at my parents.”

“Although I didn’t have any conscious memory of this, through the healing prayer I was able to picture myself at a year old and how I felt when my parents left me for a week. I invited Jesus to come into the scene. I was so angry with my parents for leaving me and because Jesus was there, I had the courage to tell them exactly how I felt and how badly this had affected me.”

“Jesus told them to ask me to forgive them for what had happened. I could see them looking very shocked and upset. Then I was able to forgive them for what they did. After this I felt a lot of peace. I thank God for this as I could not possibly have done all this on my own. It is all very new but I believe it will change me and make me happier for the rest of my life.”