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I know God can heal me and I know He will

MM attended a Little Way Healing of Memories course and writes:

“I came on the course after several promptings of the Holy Spirit. I knew there were issues to do with the relationship between my mother and me. However, during the prayer for healing of memories, God showed me that my father had not met my needs either.”

“He had not stood up for me or allowed me to disagree with my mum. He always preferred us to “keep the peace”. At first I felt it was wrong to accuse my father of being less than perfect but the person praying with me said that the healing of this memory would bring about an even better relationship with my father. It did.”

“Following the prayer I felt a much greater love for my Dad than I ever had before. I was able to remember many wonderful childhood memories of him which I had lost. During the prayer, I saw Jesus there throughout everything: loving and accepting me without conditions or expectations, and even giving me permission to express frustration as children sometimes need to do.”

“I know there is more for God to heal in my life, but I know he can and I know he will. He doesn’t want us carrying a load of hurt around. He wants us to be free to love and be loved, and it is he who can set us free.”

“When I returned to work, a female colleague said to me, “You have definitely changed. You gave all the girls at work a hug on your return. You would NEVER have done that before.”