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Jesus healed me and I know that healing is real!

MT attended a Little Way Healing of Memories course and writes:

“Throughout my life, I have always been very fearful and anxious in every group situation. I never wanted to be the focus of attention. If I was asked for an opinion or to give my view on anything my heart would start thumping and my thoughts would be in a panic.”

“This was as a result of being a very shy child. I was never given any encouragement to show off my talents or speak out my thoughts. I was never shown any affection by my parents or siblings. I felt I was never wanted.”

“However in the healing of memories prayer, when I invited Jesus into my childhood from conception on, I was able to tell my family how I felt let down by them and, with a lot of encouragement from the people praying with me, I was able to express my anger.”

“It was the fact that I had Jesus with me that gave me the courage to speak to my family. I let go of a lot of sadness that I had been holding for a long time.”

“Jesus healed me and I know that healing is real because I was able to sit in front of the group without panic and give witness to what had happened to me. So I praise and thank God for the Little Way Healing Ministries. I am going forward knowing that Jesus is with me in every situation in my life. Amen!”