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Jesus healed the physical as well as emotional pain

Mary attended a Little Way Healing of Memories course and writes:

“I came on the course by faith, trusting in God for healing. I did not know which area or memory that God was going to touch. The memory for which I had prayer was the time when I was 3 years old and had polio.”

“I spent a number of weeks in an iron lung. The memory of this time was very frightening for me and I could only explore this memory after Jesus was invited into my mind picture of this situation.”

“With Jesus there, I could let out all my feelings of terror, abandonment, helplessness, and anger. The healing happened when Jesus opened the iron lung and I was asked, “What do you want Jesus to do?” I replied, “Fix this polio and take it from me!” Jesus then carefully massaged me with unconditional love and healing, then He lifted me into His arms. Slowly I could lift my head and I wanted to look up at Jesus and touch His face.”

” Jesus began pouring strength into my body and when I was ready He stood me up on my feet and taught me to walk and dance with Him. Finally, He swung my 3-year-old self up in the air and we had such joy together. Jesus not only healed the emotional pain but also physical pain. Thank you so much, Jesus. I love you.”