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Jesus used my suffering for the salvation of souls

MG writes:

“My mother was bipolar, narcissist, and highly manipulative. I suffered greatly all my childhood due to her domination. She had a very unhappy marriage and she despised me.”

“During the healing of memories prayer, I was healed from a memory of when I was 6 years of age. My mother had come into my room and, standing over me, pointing emphatically, she stated “You are mentally ill.” She told me I was like my father who was cruel and had abused me when I was 2 years of age. “

“This behaviour by my mother was a frequent occurrence throughout my childhood. Through the prayer I got in touch with my anger and experienced the healing love of Jesus. I was able to see my suffering had meaning, that in the hands of Jesus it can be used for the salvation of souls.”

“I am now deeply aware of this and experience deep peace in my heart and a lightness as if a weight has lifted. I am now able to forgive and have a deep joy.”