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More confidence and more eye contact when talking to people

Michael attended a Little Way Healing of Memories course and writes:

“In the prayer, we focussed on my memory of playtime at Primary School, when I generally didn’t have anyone to play with. Other boys seemed too rough and scary, and the girls played by themselves. Sometimes the teacher on duty would take pity on me and take me on her rounds with her.”

“Playtime was way out of my comfort zone. Lessons were fine as I was academic and knew what I was doing, but I didn’t have a clue about relating to other children. In the prayer I was encouraged to invite Jesus, as a boy of my age, to be with me there. He started gently making friends with me, talking about things like what school was like in his day, in Nazareth.”

“My childhood memory of loneliness and discomfort and feeling odd was gradually being healed by the sense of another boy, Jesus himself, being interested in me and prepared to get close to me in a safe way.”

“We then prayed through my family not giving me what I needed to help me in relating to my peers. Others on the course say they have seen the change in me already: more confidence; more openness in my face; and more eye contact when talking to people.”