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Set free to be fully the person God intended me to be

AK attended a Healing of Memories course and writes:

“The memory that I received healing of memories prayer for was the death of my father when I was ten years old. After his death, I felt that my childhood was stolen from me and that there was no love for me as I had to help my mother a lot.”

“I pictured my father’s deathbed and I brought Jesus into the picture. He held my hand and was with me the whole time as I told my father that it was not fair to leave me alone to take care of things as an adult would have done. I was able to tell him that I needed him and kiss him goodbye.”

“The most wonderful thing, and I felt it very strongly, was the cutting of any negative ties with my father. I saw the ties cut, a door closing and light coming. The presence of Jesus was wonderful, with warmth, light, and safety. All my emptiness was filled by the Holy Spirit.”

“Thank you God. Thank you Little Way Healing Ministries. I pray that many more people will receive the same healing!”