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The healing of memories prayer is a valuable gift that I can use to help others

Patrick Wilkie attended a Little Way Healing of Memories course and writes:

“When I came on the course I had no idea that I would be remembering events from childhood, thirty years ago, that had impacted my life. My mother was strict and showed me little or no love.”

“She filled me with the fear of God so that I was scared of God. My father would drink and then would argue and fight with my mother, banging his fist and breaking the wall.”

“There were eight of us children living in extreme poverty. I was terrified most of the time. It affected my confidence. At school, I was subjected to physical abuse, bullying, beatings, and I was always fearful of what would happen. I hated life and didn’t want to live. The course created a safe and sacred place where I could re-visit my past without re-living the trauma.”

“I have achieved peace of mind. I feel that I have been given a valuable gift in the healing of memories prayer which I can use to help others to achieve the same peace of mind.”